About Us

ArcWave Technology took the name from the primary cleaning tool that sparked innovation in P-Wave Technology and provided a new environmentally safe way to clean and increase the production of wells.

However, the company evolved from over 35 years of experience in Wireline Services in the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. Industries supported were Oil, Water, Geothermal, Gas, Mining offering added value with Expert Interpretation of Geophysical Logs supporting best practices of well design.

Currently, our efforts have been most utilized throughout the Western US, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

ArcWave’s Water Well Services have supported the Agricultural, Municipal, Commercial, Golf and Environmental Industries as well as support for multiple Hydrogeological Consulting and Engineering Firms.

ArcWave Technologies foundational business philosophy and proved history is our ability to work in a fashion that supports the well owner’s best interest and stand behind our services. Our crews are well trained and focused on operations being both safe and effective.

Proven record of innovative technology

  • Patented the first Downhole Video Gyro Tool
  • Patented a successful Slow Burning Well Cleaning Detonating Device
  • Patented the Downhole Side Scan Camera Tool
  • Patented the High Intensity Well Cleaning Tool – ArcWave

Our successful and varied history in the industry gives you the advantage of our vast knowledge and experience, bringing a perspective to your project you will not find anywhere else.

When your profits are on the line, let us prove to you how quickly and safely ArcWave Technology will keep your business flowing and provide highly experienced talent for your geophysical service needs.