About Us

ArcWave Technology delivers real money savings and highly experienced talent for your geophysical service needs.

Joel Barbour, Founder and CEO

Joel’s experience in the industry dates back to the early 1970s when he worked as the CEO of a geophysical services company. He added wireline and oil/gas project management experience to his resume during the 1980s when he worked with Chevron Research, Mobile Oil Research and Shell Oil Research in partnership together in the development of several different oil industry technology services. In 1985, he founded the first of the Barbour companies. Barbour began drilling in the water well industry, adding geothermal, oil and gas to its drilling services. He brings an exceptional blend of technical expertise, experience and business acumen to his enterprises. In addition to creating industry changing tools and applications, having been awarded four industry related patents, he is equally accomplished in creating a thriving corporate environment where company success is built upon total client satisfaction. The Barbour companies have a proven history of successfully operating at a sustained high level of performance, earning respect from both clients and peers. He brings all his experience and expertise to
ArcWave Technology.


Our patented ArcWave tool provides a safe and effective solution for cleaning and maintenance of under performing wells, free of dangerous explosives and hazardous chemicals.

Company Profile

We have a strong history of working in the well owner’s best interest, and we always stand behind our services. We provide wireline services, downhole video, well maintenance and rehabilitation – safely and effectively.

Proven record of innovative technology

  • Patented the first Downhole Video Gyro Tool
  • Patented a successful Slow Burning Well Cleaning Detonating Device
  • Patented the Downhole Side Scan Camera Tool
  • Patented the High Intensity Well Cleaning Tool – ArcWave

Our successful and varied history in the industry gives you the advantage of our vast knowledge and experience, bringing a perspective to your project you will not find anywhere else.
When your profits are on the line, let us prove to you how quickly and safely ArcWave Technology will keep your business flowing.