ArcWave Wireline Services

For over 3 decades Barbour has been offering Wireline Services to the Water, Oil, Geothermal, Gas, and Mining Industries.

In Addition to the ArcWave Plasma Cleaning Tool, Wireline Services also offered include:

  • E-Logging
  • Downhole Video with Sidescan
  • Dynamic Video
  • Multi Point Resistivity with Conductivity
  • 4 Arm X/Y Caliper
  • 3 Arm Caliper
  • Spectral Gamma Ray
  • Natural Gamma Ray
  • Cement Bond Logging
  • Focused Resistivity
  • Conductivity / Temperature
  • Flow Meter
  • Water Sampling
  • High Temperature Pressure/Temperature/Spinner (PTS)
  • Additional Services Available: Contact Us

Barbour’s experience and conscious focus on quality results make our services the best choice for your Wireline requirements.

We stand behind our work and strive for a high degree of customer satisfaction to garner all of your repeat business.

Contact us now for recommendations or to obtain pricing for your project.

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