ArcWave Technology


ArcWave will safely reduce well operating costs and extend the life or your well

ArcWave is a patented, cost-EFFECTIVE and environmentally friendly process created to improve the EFFICIENCY and life of fluid wells WITHOUT CHEMICALS

Depending on the type of fluid, production volume, draw down and local chemistry, natural processes will lead to a build-up of mineral deposits on well casings. This build-up creates a reduction in volume/increased draw down, reduced efficiency and eventually causes a condition where fluid entering the well casing increases velocity, ultimately eroding the casing. This erosive condition will eventually lead to total well failure.

ArcWave creates high energy pressure waves at sonic velocities, effectively cleaning the perforations in well casings with no damage to the casing itself. And now, after many years of research and development, the patented ArcWave tool is available for commercial use.

Unlike explosives, well jetting and acid cleaning, ArcWave will not damage or alter the structure of the well casing. Another advantage is that the ArcWave process does not require chemical neutralization, well discharge, or any other type of disposal.
ArcWave is environmentally friendly. It is not a chemical treatment, so it creates no environmental hazards or pollution. In fact, the only byproducts from the ArcWave process are ozone and UV light, both natural sanitizers.

Environmentally friendly, safe and often less expensive than other processes,